TOP 100 Popular Papers

Title First Author Visits
Edoxaban versus Warfarin in Patients with Atrial Fibrillation Giugliano, Robert P. 1908
Nitrogen-Doped Graphene as Efficient Metal-Free Electrocatalyst for Oxygen Reduction in Fuel Cells Qu, Liangti 1864
Aetiology of severe community acquired pneumonia in adults identified by combined detection methods: a multi-centre prospective study in China Qu, Jieming 1840
Proteomic and Metabolomic Characterization of COVID-19 Patient Sera Shen, Bo 1803
Guidelines for the use and interpretation of assays for monitoring autophagy (3rd edition) Klionsky, Daniel J. 1744
Genomic characterisation and epidemiology of 2019 novel coronavirus: implications for virus origins and receptor binding Lu, Roujian 1725
Pan-Cancer Analysis Predicts FOXS1 as a Key Target in Prognosis and Tumor Immunotherapy Liu, Yunqiang 1713
Finishing the euchromatic sequence of the human genome Collins, F.S. 1622
MR Imaging Provides Practical Information for Preoperative Assessment of Radial Polydactyly with Bifurcation at the Metacarpophalangeal Joint Level Du, Meimei 1010
Andrographolide contributes to the attenuation of cardiac hypertrophy by suppressing endoplasmic reticulum stress Tian, Qingxin 882
Reviewing the mechanism of propofol addiction Zhong, Tianhao 834
Phylogenetic analysis and virulence characteristics of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus ST764-SCCmec II: an emerging hypervirulent clone ST764-t1084 in China Xiao, Yanghua 804
COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy between family decision-makers and non-decision-makers among college teachers Xu, Rong 776
Global patient outcomes after elective surgery: prospective cohort study in 27 low-, middle- and high-income countries The International Surgical Outcomes Study group Pearse, Rupert M. 706
Chlorogenic acid alleviates hypoxic-ischemic brain injury in neonatal mice Li, Lu-Yao 699
Identification of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus ST8 isolates in China with potential high virulence Wang, Xinyi 682
SARM1 Promotes Neurodegeneration and Memory Impairment in Mouse Models of Alzheimer's Disease Miao, Xuemeng 666
Alirocumab and Cardiovascular Outcomes after Acute Coronary Syndrome Schwartz G.G. 662
Functions and mechanisms of cytosolic phospholipase A2 in central nervous system trauma. Zhang, Hao-Jie 645
Macrophage membrane-biomimetic adhesive polycaprolactone nanocamptothecin for improving cancer-targeting efficiency and impairing metastasis Ying, Kangkang 632
Guidelines for the use and interpretation of assays for monitoring autophagy (4th edition) 1 Klionsky, Daniel J. 620
Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Fibrotic Disease El Agha, Elie 605
Diabetic Downregulation of Nrf2 Activity via ERK Contributes to Oxidative Stress-Induced Insulin Resistance in Cardiac Cells In Vitro and In Vivo Tan, Yi 597
Vertically aligned BCN nanotubes as efficient metal-free electrocatalysts for the oxygen reduction reaction: A synergetic effect by co-doping with boron and nitrogen Wang, Shuangyin 596
Classification of Echocardiographic Standard Views Using a Hybrid Attention-based Approach Ye, Zi 591
Effect of Regional vs General Anesthesia on Incidence of Postoperative Delirium in Older Patients Undergoing Hip Fracture Surgery The RAGA Randomized Trial Li, Ting 588
Development of a rapid UPLC-MS/MS method for the determination of toddalolactone in mouse blood and its application in pharmacokinetics Zhou, Jing 586
科技伦理的祛魅、统合、自觉及其价值选择——基于“高概念”主张引入人工智能伦理研究的省察 刘博京 583
CRRT上机血流速对ICU患者血压的影响 陈王峰 583
p40、TTF-Ⅰ、p63、CK5/6在肺腺癌和肺鳞癌中的表达及其意义 焦立卓 583
p Accepting Immunotherapy After Multiline Treatment Failure: An Exploration of the Anxiety and Depression in Patients with Advanced Cancer Experience Xie, Qingqing 581
Neoantigen-reactive T cells exhibit effective anti-tumor activity against colorectal cancer Yu, Yaojun 579
Gene discovery and polygenic prediction from a genome-wide association study of educational attainment in 1.1 million individuals Lee, James J. 577
Diagnostic value of endobronchial ultrasound elastography for differentiating benign and malignant hilar and mediastinal lymph nodes: a systematic review and meta-analysis Wu, Jiangfeng 576
基于深度学习的睑板腺功能障碍图像分析模型研究和评价 张祖辉 576
移动远程眩晕症诊断平台的构建 陈蓓蓓 571
Why do parents willingness-to-pay to vaccinate their children against COVID-19? A real-world evidence in Taizhou, China Tung, Tao-Hsin 569
Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress and Lipid Metabolism Zhou, Huiping 562
Newly-Designed Complex Ternary Pt/PdCu Nanoboxes Anchored on Three-Dimensional Graphene Framework for Highly Efficient Ethanol Oxidation Hu, Chuangang 560
Long non-coding RNA LINC00673 promotes breast cancer proliferation and metastasis through regulating B7-H6 and epithelial-mesenchymal transition (vol 8, pg 1273, 2018) Xia, Erjie 560
LINC00518 affects the proliferation, invasion and migration of cutaneous malignant melanoma cells via miR-526b-3p/EIF5A2 axis Xu, Jie 559
Letter to the Editor: Obesity as a risk factor for greater severity of COVID-19 in patients with metabolic associated fatty liver disease Kenneth I Zheng 559
Intra-articular drug delivery systems for osteoarthritis therapy: shifting from sustained release to enhancing penetration into cartilage Huang, Huirong 557
Engineering Bioactive Self-Healing Antibacterial Exosomes Hydrogel for Promoting Chronic Diabetic Wound Healing and Complete Skin Regeneration Wang, Chenggui 555
Cerebral ischemia-reperfusion-induced autophagy protects against neuronal injury by mitochondrial clearance Zhang, Xiangnan 554
Ultrasound-guided radial artery catheterization at different sites: a prospective and randomized study Wu X.-L. 552
A Graphene-Based Sensor Array for High-Precision and Adaptive Target Identification with Ensemble Aptamers Pei, Hao 549
Ferroptosis, a new form of cell death, and its relationships with tumourous diseases Yu, Haitao 548
长链非编码RNA-H19介导的自噬在垂体腺瘤发生发展中的机制研究 李群 548
Letter to the Editor: Obesity as a risk factor for greater severity of COVID-19 in patients with metabolic associated fatty liver disease Zheng, Kenneth I. 547
Assessing the drug resistance profiles of oral probiotic lozenges Wang, Yi 544
Restricted Feeding Resets Endogenous Circadian Rhythm in Female Mice Under Constant Darkness Yue Mei 544
Minimally Invasive versus Abdominal Radical Hysterectomy for Cervical Cancer Ramirez, Pedro T. 543
Nitrogen-Doped Graphene Foams as Metal-Free Counter Electrodes in High-Performance Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells Xue, Yuhua 539
宋代胥吏之弊及其防治机制研究 武小平 537
褪黑素降解急性髓细胞白血病细胞AML1-ETO融合蛋白的机制研究 刘旭玲 536
SPINK2 is a prognostic biomarker related to immune infiltration in acute myeloid leukemia Chen, Xiaohe 535
Neoadjuvant Chemoradiotherapy Followed by Surgery Versus Surgery Alone for Locally Advanced Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Esophagus (NEOCRTEC5010): A Phase III Multicenter, Randomized, Open-Label Clinical Trial Yang, Hong 535
Association Between Body Mass Index and Female Infertility in the United States: Data from National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 2013-2018 Zhu, Lei 532
Effectiveness and Tolerability of NSAIDs in the Prophylaxis of Pancreatitis After Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis Zheng, Ming-Hua 529
Endovascular Thrombectomy with or without Intravenous Alteplase in Acute Stroke Yang, Pengfei 525
Three-dimensional (3D) printed scaffold and material selection for bone repair Zhang, Lei 524
一种抗菌水凝胶载药微球的制备及其在细胞扩增中的应用 沈贤 524
Dynamic changes of platelets before and after surgery predict the prognosis of patients with operable non-small cell lung cancer Yang, Wei 523
One-pot synthesis of N-doped carbon dots with tunable luminescence properties Zhang, Yan-Qing 522
Connecting the Dots: The Cerebral Lymphatic System as a Bridge Between the Central Nervous System and Peripheral System in Health and Disease Zhao, Hongxiang 521
Tumor protein P63 Regulated 1 contributes to inflammation and cell proliferation of cystitis glandularis through regulating the NF-kB/cyclooxygenase-2/ prostaglandin E2 axis Hong, Tao 516
Implications of mitochondrial DNA mutations and mitochondrial dysfunction in tumorigenesis Lu, Jianxin 516
Surface-Adaptive Gold Nanoparticles with Effective Adherence and Enhanced Photothermal Ablation of Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus Biofilm Hu, Dengfeng 516
MRI多模态成像在UTMD联合CA-(Q-D-lip)精确示踪和治疗胶质瘤中的价值 郑汉朋 516
Programmable Engineering of a Biosensing Interface with Tetrahedral DNA Nanostructures for Ultrasensitive DNA Detection Lin, Meihua 515
基于CiteSpace的蛹虫草研究进展可视化分析 朱碧纯 514
临床医学教育的博客化教学与管理 王斌 512
COVID-19 and Liver Dysfunction: Current Insights and Emergent Therapeutic Strategies Feng, Gong 509
Multi-population differential evolution-assisted Harris hawks optimization: Framework and case studies Chen, Hao 508
Blockade of myeloid differentiation 2 attenuates diabetic nephropathy by reducing activation of the renin-angiotensin system in mouse kidneys Wang, Yi 507
New insights into the classification and nomenclature of cortical GABAergic interneurons Defelipe, Javier 507
Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress and Atherosclerosis Zhou, Huiping 504
The relationship between phubbing and the depression of primary and secondary school teachers: A moderated mediation model of rumination and job burnout Liu, Jing 504
Among simple non-invasive scores, Pro-C3 and ADAPT best exclude advanced fibrosis in Asian patients with MAFLD Tang, Liang-Jie 503
超长效可控缓释介孔-透明质酸杂化靶向抗菌纳米材料及其制备方法、用途 邓辉 503
A Matrigel-based 3D construct of SH-SY5Y cells models the α-synuclein pathologies of Parkinson's disease Li, Zhao-Feng 502
Efficacy of PD-1 or PD-L1 inhibitors and PD-L1 expression status in cancer: meta-analysis Shen, Xian 499
牙缺损伴牙颌畸形行正畸修复联合治疗的临床研究 潘孝义 499
全面二孩政策前后早产儿发生情况及结局分析 朱丹丹 494
Efficacy of Curcumin for Wound Repair in Diabetic Rats/Mice: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of Preclinical Studies Li, Yuan 493
一种聚乳酸/纳米羟基磷灰石复合微球包裹的硫酸庆大霉素及其制备方法 陈浩 490
Design and optimize N-substituted EF24 as effective and low toxicity NF-kappa B inhibitor for lung cancer therapy via apoptosis-to-pyroptosis switch Chen, Liping 488
Oncocytic tumors are marked by enhanced mitochondrial content and mtDNA mutations of complex I in Chinese patients Lyu, Lihua 486
Bioactive degradable surgical suture and preparation method thereof HE, HUACHENG 486
Blockade of adenosine A(2A) receptor alleviates cognitive dysfunction after chronic exposure to intermittent hypoxia in mice Li, Xiu-Cui 485
The role of external signal regulated kinase and transforming growth factor β1 in asthma airway remodeling and regulation of glucocorticoids Xiao-jun Guan 483
Clinical findings in a group of patients infected with the 2019 novel coronavirus (SARS-Cov-2) outside of Wuhan, China: retrospective case series Xu, Xiao-Wei 480
Innate Immunity in Age-Related Macular Degeneration Zhang, Yikui 480
AKT1/HK2 Axis-mediated Glucose Metabolism: A Novel Therapeutic Target of Sulforaphane in Bladder Cancer Huang, Lei 479
Genome-wide association study identifies eight new risk loci for polycystic ovary syndrome Shi, Yongyong 479
A novel raiometric fluorescence probe based on silicon quantum dots and copper nanoclusters for visual assay of l-cysteine in milks Ma, Yange 479